About me

As a honest and simple worker, who lives of the land, these are the things I like and don’t like:

      ❤️ The thing most of the managers are afraid of: code

      ❤️ AppSec & Architecture

      ❤️ AppSec close to the Devs (that shift-left irritating marketing)

      ❤️ Threat Modeling for everyone

      ❤️ OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect

      ❤️ Cloud Security wannabe

      💀 ISO 27k/PCI-DSS/Compliance Non-sense (you know, those box ✔️)

      💀 Meat-based processes (🐹 wheels)

      💀 Hype bullshit (today’s architecture HDD - Hype Driven Design)

Please remember: I’m just a plebe, everything you read should be taken with a pinch of salt (same applies to the land where you plant your potatoes).